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At the outskirts of the traditional village Emporio, you will find Hariton Villas, defying time as “monuments” of tradition and beauty. Emporio is located on the south side of Santorini, at the foot of Profitis Elias mountain. Within a ten-minute walk from the villas, you will get to Kasteli, a medieval castle settlement at the center of Emporio. The Kasteli of Emporio, apart from being a defense fortress, was also the commercial center of the island, thus taking its name from the Greek word for commerce, “emporio”.

Right in front of Hariton Villas, there is a provincial road that leads to other traditional settlements, among them, Agios Vasileios, where you can follow a picturesque hiking path that passes through an ancient monastery and the pristine hills and peaks of the island, ultimately taking you to the beautiful village of Pyrgos. From there, you will have the chance to admire the best panoramic view of the island!

Additionally, our villas are situated 7 kilometers from Fira, the capital town of Santorini, 9 kilometers from the airport, 4,5 from the port, and 2 kilometers from the famous Perissa beach. Furthermore, at about 20 meters from “Hariton Villas” you will also find two safe parking spaces for your vehicle, should you visit us with one. Welcome, and enjoy your stay at Hariton Villas!

- 1,7Km from Perivolos Beach
- 2,1 km from Perissa beach
- 2,3 km from Red Beach
- 7 km from capital Fira
- 2,9 Km from Akrotiri
- 4,5 km from Port
- 9.0 km from Airport
Hariton Villas
Emporio Santorini
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