One thing that puts Santorini on travelers’ map is the amazing products harvested from its rich land. The volcanic activity has made the soil of Santorini very fertile and along with the perfect climate, has led to the rapid development of agriculture. High-quality, unique in the world products, like a special variety of cherry tomatoes, which are also very much enjoyed sun-dried, fava (split beans), white eggplants, and chloro (a type of goat cheese), are some of them. However, the island is most famous for its vineyards, that have a great history lost in the depths of time, producing exceptional wine varieties.  

The visitors that have a sweet-tooth will be delightfully surprised by the traditional jam-like fruit preserves, called spoon sweets, with the grape being the most favorite among the locals. Moreover, don’t miss the trademark treat that the locals usually prepare for special occasions, such as weddings, called “koufeto”, which is almonds shimmered in honey – delicious! 
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